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The Dangers of a Unhappy Client to Your Paving Business

If you are a asphalt company owner, you have been there. A client is unhappy with your work, and you have to try your best to make it right. Whether it is a justified concern or not doesn't matter. If your goal is to grow your company, must learn to resolve these clients' issues as smoothly as you can. An unhappy customer can ruin your reputation in your local area quickly.

How does one unhappy customer affect the way people think of your business?

Researchers have found that one unhappy customer will, over time, complain to 8 to 20 people! For every 25 unhappy customers, between 200 and 500 more people find out about it!

Let's say that each person has at least ten friends and relatives they talk to regularly in the community. To figure out the full effect that unhappy customers have on a company's reputation, 25 unhappy customers in your area will spread the word to 200 other people, whom each has ten friends and relatives they talk to regularly. That's 2,000 to 5,000 people that will not be giving you a good referral. In a local community, that can ruin your pavingbusiness' reputation. As hard as it may be sometimes to keep your cool when a client has an un-justified complaint or un-realistic expectation, you must practice self-control of the situation by being the level-headed individual in the discussion and trying and seek a a resolution that can calm the client and makes sense for your company as well. Remember what one upset client can do to your company with the information above and consider what its worth to prevent that snowball of lousy publicity

How to get in front of the Issue:Make a habit of asking them about their experience with your company You have the chance to make things right after learning of a grievance or unpleasant experience. It offers an opportunity for the improvement of your process. I want you to know that finding out about minor issues your clients are experiencing can also prevent them from growing into more significant difficulties that could endanger their continued loyalty. On the other hand, positive feedback and knowing what you are doing well will help you replicate those actions, assuring ongoing happy client experiences. Are you curious to find out more tips for managing clients? Need Assistance creating a program to increase customer satisfaction? Contact Paving Success Network for more information or text us @ 210-899-0349

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